Bionics Million Dollar Dog aka Dollar Bill from Rixeyville
Born: October 29 2006
Bionics Turbo of Konfederate X Bionics Lulubell
   Dollar Bill is the biggest fun you could have with a dog, packed into a small Staffy Bull body. He is one of our house dogs, but has the potential to do lots of work. His father Turbo (owned by Don Mathews of Konfederate Kennels and trained and co-owned by Chris Thompson of Bionics American Bulldogs) is a well known Staffy Bull competitor in many working events. We are having a blast with him. We have no plans of doing protection training with him but it is nice to know he definitely will do it! He is very protective and loving with our godson Seamus who lives with us and a constant companion for Gus our oldest and biggest Bulldog. What a wonderful gift Bionics American Bulldogs blessed us with. We could not say thank you enough to Chris and Lydia Thompson.
Video of Chris Thompson with Turbo ( Dollar Bill's Daddy)

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