Joshua’s General Augustus (Pedigree)
   Gus is out of the old Joshua Kennel dogs. He was our first Bulldog. We got him from a one legged biker named Angel. There is not a cooler person on earth than Angel. When he decided 15 years ago he wanted a bulldog, he investigated the different breeders and decided on Joshua Kennels.  Mostly, because of their adherence to the “original “ Bulldog standards, physically and mentally. Angel explained to us what a bulldog was supposed to be. Strong, determined, focused, smart but also a great family dog, good with kids, protective of the home, able to perceive a true threat. We were so impressed with Dixie and Max, Angel’s two bulldogs that we decided that maybe one day we could get a bulldog. When Dixie had her first litter we were still living in a little gingerbread house in the historic district of Laurel Md, we only had 1/5 of an acre and we already had two black labs and 2 cats. It just did not seem possible to get another dog. We did not even consider it.  Paul was out riding with Angel and stopped by his house to check on the pups half way through their day. Then suddenly Paul e-mailed me a bunch of pictures of the cutest thing I have ever seen. Paul said we just had to have this puppy, I didn’t see how we could make it work but if he felt that strongly about it I had to agree. Three weeks later we gave Angel half the cash and a Harley Davidson Road King seat. and the rest, as they say, is history...
  • 1st in Class HOD 2005
  • 1st Place Protection Tournament Grantville 2005
  • 1st place Protection Tournament Ft Payne 2007
  • 1st Place Protection Tounement LCAB 2006
  • 1st in class HOD 2005 (Sat.)
  • 1st in class HOD 2005 (Sun.)
   Augustus has been the best thing that ever happened to us. There was quite a learning curve, I cried a lot when he was a puppy because I really loved him but I thought he was actually crazy. I giggle when I think about it because I know now that he was just an exceptional American Bulldog puppy. Augustus is over 8 years old. He has been trained by some of the best trainers (Schutzhund) in the country. He did not see his first training field or Bite sleeve until he was 3 years old, but he excelled immediately at the obedience and protection facets to training.
 He is all of the things Angel told us a Bulldog should be! And so much more!