Dorsey's General Pain
Born 7/2/2004 (Pedigree)

   We were fortunate enough to get General Pain 3 months after getting his brother, Major Pain. Originally we did not intend to keep him permanently. I guess you can see we have not been able to part with him. Anyone who has met him understands why. He is as devoted to working as his brother and just as athletic. He is a little taller and a little bigger. He is a little more serious but somehow a little more gentle too. He is super loyal and bonded to us. He is the father (Sire) of our favorite all around litter so far and he keeps us laughing with his wholly unique personality. He is a fundamental part of Old Glory Bulldogs. A true Circus dog. LOL!

  • Titled 1, 2, 3rd Class catch dog @ 7mo Winter 2005
  • 2nd Hardest hitting LCAB 2005
  • 2nd Sprint race LCAB 2005