Dorsey's Major Pain (pedigree)
Born 7/2/2004
   Major Pain was our first dog from Dorsey Hunt Lodge. He is an Old Time Southern Bulldog. When we saw him as a puppy, working better than most adult dogs, It was love at first sight. He caught his first Boar when he was 10 weeks old (with an adult dog) He was titled as a catch dog at 5 months old. He took 3rd in the Hardest Hitting competition at the Heart of Dixie 2005, he was 8 months old at that time and the other 21 dogs entered were all adults. We never thought he would be a serious sport work dog however he surprised us by his ability to take the pressures of serious training. Major Pain is a dog who seems to know a secret. When we hunt with him in the woods he is incredibly calm and confident in his accuracy and ability. He is an incredible Stud dog and has produced our most profound litters to date. Perfect and loving Bulldogs very family oriented and excellent companion dogs as well. Truly what a Bulldog should be. We are honored and fortunate to have an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, Bryan Hendricks of Professional Dog Training Services, train and title (handle) him to a WST & Schutzhund BH. We are intermediate trainers and could not take him to the levels that a Certified Master Trainer like Bryan can. We look forward to more titles and accomplishments and incredible breedings with Major Pain in the future.

  • Titled 1st Class Catch Dog @ 5 mo 3 day Fall 2004
  • Titled 2nd and 3rd Class Catch Dog @ 7 months Winter 2005
  • 3rd place adult Hardest Hitting 8 mo HOD 2005
  • 2nd place Driviest 6-12 puppy HOD 2005
  • Winner Driviest Puppy Nationals 2005
  • 4th place Hardest hitting Grantville 2005
  • 2nd Place SWK Haloween Havoc LCAB 2006
  • 3rd Place hardest Hitting LCAB 2007
  • Titled Schutzhund BH (see video) New Jersey Fall 2008
  • WST title thru NWDA at LCAB 2008
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